Dangerous Secrets Game

Dangerous SecretsDangerous Secrets Game: The two detectives, Amy and Gary, have worked on numerous cases together. They have managed to solve most of those cases. And that’s why they are seen as real professionals in their job. This time, once again, they have a new case that needs to be solved. The detectives Amy and Gary, together with their assistants, come to one quiet suburb. It is supposed that here lives the dangerous serial killer, Scott. This man is accused of doing many bad things. It is supposed that Scott lives a double life. While everyone sees him as a normal family man, the police have information that he is actually a dangerous serial killer.

They believe in Dangerous Secrets Game, that Scott is actually the serial killer that operates for a few years already, and no one can catch him so far. If he is really the killer, he is a real professional. Because the two lives that he has are completely different and it is really hard to relate them. Let’s help the detectives finish their job as fast as they can. So this man finally goes where he belongs – behind the bars. You can play Dangerous Secrets Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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