Crime Revelation Game

Crime RevelationCrime Revelation Game: Policeman Jason, together with the two detectives, Sharon and Ryan, are at the place of a crime scene. This time, the place of the crime scene is the house of the banker Jacob. Namely, the house of the banker Jacob was robbed last night, while he wasn’t at home. The robbers have managed to steal large amount of jewelry, but their crime doesn’t include just that. Actually, they also kidnapped the wife and the son of the banker.

Now in Crime Revelation Game: The robbers are blackmailing the banker. Asking from him to give them a lot of money as a ransom for the lives of the members of his closest family. The banker is confused from this situation and he is willing to do whatever it takes, to release his wife and son. The authorities will also do their best. So they will search the whole crime scene and look for evidences that will lead to the criminals. Finding out who is responsible for this will make the whole process of finding the kidnapped much easier. So since it is about a rather delicate situation, let’s help Jason, Sharon and Ryan and finish this case together. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Crime Revelation Game.

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