Village Hosts Game

Village HostsVillage Hosts Game: Going for a walk in the village could be very nice and refreshing for everyone that lives in the city. The nature in the village is amazing and clean. Here are the domestic animals and the agricultural crops, everything natural and beautiful. Spending some time there can give us a lot of new energy. But also it could help us relax from our everyday responsibilities. Even though the life in the village is not that easy for the people who live there. They have to be always alert about their crops, about the animals and so on, because they usually earn for life from this culture.

In Village Hosts Game: Jessica, Richard and Elizabeth live in a beautiful village. We are visiting this village today and those three will be our hosts today, taking us on a wonderful walk through their village. This is our first time for us in this village, so we will see everything around. We would like to see how are people living there and get to know something more for their everyday responsibilities. Let’s meet the people who live in the village and spend some great time here. Enjoy and have fun in playing Village Hosts Game.

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