Venomus Plants Game

Venomus PlantsVenomus Plants. Have you ever been stung by a nettle? It’s hard to forget that burning sensation, the pain and burning from hives and blisters. Even though plants look harmless enough, we know that they can contain some of the most deadly poisons known. We are not saying you can’t keep them, but watch yourself and your family around these species closely.

Our character in today’s game Henry had tons of problems with Venomus plants. These plants grew rapidly and uncontrollable around his house and spread so much that they became life-threatening for him and for his family. These potentially fatal plants made him pack their suitcases and leave their house.

Henry now returned to his home after many years. This time he is determined to do everything possible to return in his house and live a normal life. Before he left he made a poison for these plants, but never got a chance to use it. Now he has to find all the necessary ingredients for the poison and to finally defeat these plants. In order to collect all the needed ingredients he will need some extra hands and eyes. Can you help him?

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