Under the City Game

Under the CityUnder the City. Traveling by metro may seem dangerous, at least for those people that live in places where there is no metro and they have already seen numerous movies that present the metros as places where all the bad things happen. Starting from brakes that don’t work, suspicious persons that appear on the rails out of nowhere, then all kinds of criminals that operate on the metro, a person that follows you when you o up the stairs in the metro station or the driver that leaves you alone on an empty station and who knows what will follow. However, the ones that use the metro as everyday transports are completely aware that those scenes belong to the fiction while in real life things are little bit different… But Renata’s situation seems like an exception.

Renata always travels home by metro. Everything seemed to be great so far, she didn’t have any unpleasant experience about traveling with metro until now… This night she manages to catch the last train that leads to her home, but somehow the things went wrong.

Renata is stuck at the penultimate station, it’s no one there and ghosts start to appear out of nowhere. Renata is terribly frightened and she starts thinking what she could do, to escape this unusual situation. Let’s help Renata deal with this situation or simply save her until something unpleasant happens.

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