Uncle Dawe’s Farm

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Game Details

Uncle Dawe's FarmUncle Dawe’s Farm. Big cities can be a real terror concerning the mess, the noisiness, touch traffic and the crazy speediness that sometimes can drive you crazy. It is very difficult for people to make a decision and leave the big cities, because on the other hand they offer you bigger prosperity, possibilities for professional elevation as well as for your family and especially, for children. They get the chance to learn a lot more things about the world around. Go practice some sport, some creative skills, ballet, theatre, opera, something that you can’t get in a small village or even in smaller town. Party is bigger as well. It seems like urban people are willing to pay high price for the benefits they want to enjoy in life.

For those that admire more peaceful life, away from the crowd and craziness, they will chose some quiet place in a small village, with a small farm and some animals, peaceful life that is worth it millions. Without TV, without technologies, on a clean air, close to the nature, you will be living with the motto ‘Less is more’!

In our game for today, we have a hero that is in love with nature, but unfortunately at that certain period of life, she can’t live the city she lives in. But, she accepted her uncle’s invitation for help on his farm, with great pleasure. Debra has arrived on her uncle Dawe’s farm. He invited her to help hip with the obligations on the farm. Our player has the role of Debra’s friend and together they should finish the obligations given by Debra’s uncle. Debra has visited her uncles’ farm when she was a little girl and she is pretty sorry that somehow she is been bind to live in a city. She is the happiest person when she is on the farm.