Thrift Sale Game

Thrift SaleThrift Sale. Meet Christine. She is a girl that has a real passion for old objects. She believes that every object has its own spirit and as older the object is, a bigger history it has. That’s how she has chosen to work in an antique shop. All those old objects make her very happy. Sometimes she knows the exact story of the object but sometimes she invents a story by her own, imagining what was happening with that object before. And all of that makes her everyday very interesting.

One of Christine’s tasks is looking for older and valuable objects that could be found on garage sale. People have certain objects that may be valuable as well but after a while they get bored from those objects. They decide to sell those objects and get new ones, sometimes even forgetting about their real value. For them it is just important to open space for the new. Well Christine is always informed about the garage sales where people sell their old belongings. That’s how she has found out about the current garage sale and she is at the place right now.

Christine has an eye for detecting valuable objects but she could always use some help so are you willing to look through the objects and see what is hiding on this garage sale?

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