The Windmill of Belholt Game

The Windmill of Belholt The Windmill of Belholt. Apparatus that employs wind power for a diversity of uses, like pumping water, driving electrical generators and so on is called windmill. They are most closely related with using wind to generate power to grind grain into flour. A Greek engineer that lived in Roman Egypt in the 1st century AD is accredited as being the inventor of the windmill – using it to power a machine. The name of this man is not recorded but he is mentioned in some records simply as ‘hero’ – seems like a reminder of how important the invention windmill is. Windmills are today’s trade mark of Netherlands, even if they could be found all around the world. It is said that ‘windmills built the Netherlands since without them, water could not have been drained away from the flat, marshy lands of Holland – and farmers couldn’t have grown fruit, vegetables and tulips.

The windmill in Belholt is not as old as the one invented by the ‘Hero’ but is old windmill indeed, one of the oldest windmills in the world. A group of historians come to Belholt to see this windmill and determine exactly how old it is. They are very surprised that the windmill actually functions, they have never seen something like that before. But before they start working they have decided to take a walk through the village and find the man responsible for the windmill, so he could give them the key.

The Windmill of Belholt is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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