The Secret Pyramid Game

The Secret PyramidThe Secret Pyramid. Historians and historians of art may work for a long period of time and stay without any discovery but when they follow the right traces, they are able to change the history. Donald for example works for a longer period of time as a principal manager of the national park Harold. For a period of few months he has been working and exploring one part of the park, an elevated region that seems to be a hidden pyramid, at least Donald thinks it is that. He believes that it is about the pyramid that belonged to the famous king Sila Pada. He thinks that this is the place where the famous king is buried.

While exploring the region, Donald discovers a small cave with many old valuable objects. If he manages to find enough evidences, this would be one of the greatest discovery of today, something very important that could have an influence on the whole history. Now let’s take a closer look to this cave and see what is hiding there. If we take part in this, it would be rather interesting because we will be witnesses of a huge discovery.

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