The Lighthouse Enigma Game

The Lighthouse EnigmaThe Lighthouse Enigma Game: In the movies, lighthouses are always presented as dark mysterious places that hide a certain secret. Is that true? Ashley, together with her father Paul, have finally decided to visit the mysterious lighthouse that is located near their house. This place looks rather interesting, like it hides something, but is that something threatening? The reason why they didn’t go there so far, is because they were cautious. There are numerous stories about this lighthouse and most of them are scary.

According to those stories, this place has been cursed, but Ashley and Paul actually love paranormal stories. So now they have decided that it is time to see what is hidden there. Will it appear that those stories are just rumors or they will find something seriously scary? We are about to see very soon in The Lighthouse Enigma Game. And if you are not afraid of experiencing something of that kind, Ashley and her father Paul will really enjoy your company. Let’s visit the lighthouse together and see what is hiding there. You can play The Lighthouse Enigma game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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