The Hidden City

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Game Details

The Hidden CityThe Hidden City. Once upon a time there was one brave knight who lived in one hidden city, deep, deep in the forest. This city was very beautiful and peaceful but there were some rumors about some evil forces that wanted to conquer the place so our brave knight gathered his own army, becoming a leader of the army and he went into a war. After a long fight, they managed to beat the enemy, the opposing troops pulled back, and it was a time for the knight and his army to come back as well.

The game actually takes place in those mysterious woods. Our famous leader is coming back from the war and he needs to get to his city. As we mentioned above, the city is really good hidden, very deep in the woods and almost no one can find it. Now the members of the army are little bit tired but after finishing so important fight, they are all willing to see their families as soon as it’s possible.

See the hidden passages of the forest and get to the hidden city as soon as you can, by passing the levels. Every level is a different part of the forest where you should look for some hidden objects. Finding them all in one level will lead you to another level, and another, until you get to the hidden city.

The Hidden City is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.