The Floating City Game

The Floating City The Floating City. Who knows if that is good or bad but we all have certain period in our lives when we look for some old love. We have met certain person, we’ve been together or not, but that person has left a trace on us. We were too young, she moved to another city, he had a girlfriend when we met…, usually it’s about an unfinished story.

That relation was ended even before it started or something happened that ended it. Some external factor that left us thinking how it could be if there weren’t those things… Or simply that person is a unique person that stays in our memories because of his special characteristics, the character or the beauty… Years pass by, everything changes but sometimes we catch ourselves thinking about that special person, analyzing how could it be…?! And finding that person sometimes could be a good thing. Let’s say that that person was thinking about us all the time, but sometimes it’s like chasing a ghost. That person has own live, own relations, being completely out of our fantasies…

Francis met Iris when they were very young. He was his great love in that time, but they had to split. After many years, all of a sudden he finds out from his friend that Iris lives the Belgian city Bruges, also known as the floating city. Francis has never been to Bruges before but he has decided that he has to go there. And do everything he can, in order to find his great love. He doesn’t know exactly where he could find her. So he will follow the traces and collect some evidences, certain objects that will lead him to her.

Let’s help Francis and see if Iris was looking for him too, all this time.

The Floating City is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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