The Gold of Cuzco Game

The Gold of CuzcoThe Gold of Cuzco. The Maya civilization was known for many things like the hieroglyphic script, its art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system. They were also very wealthy people. Thanks to the trade which was the main factor that kept Maya cities growing economically. But also thanks to the resources like cacao beans, marine shells, maize, chili peppers, manioc, amaranth, palms, vanilla, avocado, tobacco. And hundreds more resources that were readily obtainable for strengthening and ultimate trade all through the Maya groups. Still, it is not known what made this civilization to disappear. But it is believed that in the ages of its ruin, there was also an influence to the economy, making a lot of people poor.

Dacey is a young girl that belongs to the Maya people. Maya people have pass through many hard periods in their lives so at the moment she and her family are witnesses of a big poverty. However, Dacey has one great passion and that is having long walks through the old castles that once belonged to the imperator Cuzco. All of a sudden, Dacey finds out certain places from the castle where she finds a part of his treasure. This is something that is hard to believe but it seems it’s true. Dacey is overjoyed about this discovery because that means that the poor days are over for her and her family. Let’s help Dacey explore the whole place even more in details and see what is hiding there, in those castles.

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