The Chronicles of Matilda Game

The Chronicles of MatildaThe Chronicles of Matilda. Every person has his/her own secrets. OK, we don’t have to call them secrets, but definitely each person has his/her own thoughts that are not necessary to be told to everyone, just some considerations that we keep in our heads. Also there are people that feel better if they share those thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, making a diary. Some of them choose to write down just certain things, while others like to describe each day of their life, writing about every happening, every place they went, and each person they met…

In the following game we will meet Lori. Few days ago, Lori has found a diary in her house that actually belonged to her grandmother Matilda. Grammy Matilda was writing down each interesting and important even of her life in the diary, making her memories eternal and inside the notes, there was one especially interesting thing, about one very special moment from grandma’s life – the period when she was dating Lori’s grandfather. At the beginning of their relationship they kept it secret, without telling anyone about it and seeing each other at the place called Devil Tower. They had numerous wonderful moments spent on that place but also something unwanted happened on the same place – grandmother Matilda lost her wedding ring. She was always feeling sorry about the ring because it is a symbol of something beautiful, but she simply couldn’t find it in that time.

Now Lori, since she had found out something more about the place and the happening, decides to go to that place and look for the ring. She would like to find this object with a great sentimental value and bring it back to her grandmother, making her happy again.

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