The Bridge Troll Game

The Bridge TrollThe Bridge Troll. Have you ever looked under the bridge in the city park? What have you noticed there, something unusual?! Well no, it is not the same in every park but this park hides a very interesting person, actually a real troll. A semi-human version that still exists today in all regions all around the world lives there…

Yes, we know that this is not typical but Ekon is the troll that lives under the bridge in the city park. All people that pass through the park often know Ekon and they are not that scared from him. They all know that every night, as they pass over the bridge, they have to throw one coin under the bridge, so Ekon could let them pass on the other side. After that, every night Ekon comes out of under the bridge, when there is no one around in the city park.

He searches the whole place in order to find something valuable around the bridge, something that was lost by some of the park visitors. Let’s help Ekon in his search and look for some valuable objects in the park and under the bridge.

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