The Big Move Game

The Big MoveThe Big Move Game: Evelyn lives in a small city. But she always loved her life in that place, loved the quiet life, and the feeling of security that this place was offering. But, there is one thing that turns people away from small places and that is the inability to fulfill various ambitions. For some jobs and careers, big cities are the only places where they can be realized. For that reason, many people who are satisfied with their life in small places in one aspect. Nevertheless decide to make changes in their lifestyle.

In The Big Move Game: It’s the same with Evelyn. She decided that it will be better for her career if she moves to the metropolis. She leaves the place where she was born and changes it to a completely different place. A big place with a population of many citizens. However, she also knows that she could never have the job that she wants if she stays in the small city. So even if it’s hard, she is sure of her decision. Now Evelyn will need some help with the process of packing. Having in mind that she moves from one place to another. She needs to take a lot of stuff with her. You can play The Big Move game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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