Super Sales Game

Super SalesSuper Sales. Shopping craziness is something that no one could approve. Spending money on different objects that we simply don’t need is definitely not a smart thing to do. However, sales could be also very useful. We wish to have certain object or we really need it but its price is simply too high. In that case we wait for the sale and get them on reasonable price.

Martha and Lori work as shop assistants in one small shopping center. Traditionally, every year, they organize sales that has been very famous in the city where they live. It is something like a holiday because the sale always offers rather decreased prices so everyone could afford to buy the object that he/she always wanted. People even decide not to go to work on this day and dedicate the whole day on shopping. That way they will save some money and allow themselves different modern objects and clothes.

Even though this day is a really wonderful and noble day, Martha and Lori know that this will be a rather difficult day for them, with a lot of hard work. Since everyone knows about the day and impatiently waits for it, it means that numerous people will come to buy something from that shopping center. This means that they will have a lot of work and they could really use some extra hand. In the game you will play as their colleague. Since you are one of the employees, you will have todeal with a certain group of costumers and serve them on the best and the fastest possible way.

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