Step Into the Dark Game

Step Into the DarkStep Into the Dark. We can’t know what is hiding there in the dark… We might think it is nothing but we can’t be sure in that… Sometimes there are ‘others’ between us, the ghosts of people that are already dead but their spirits simply can’t settle down and get proper peace. Sometimes we are able to help them but sometimes there is nothing to be done, they will simply continue wondering around, looking for their settlement…

Meet Lawrence who is a ghost that lives in the theater. He is a rather good man but he has something unsolved, something unfinished that makes him wonder around, looking for his own salvation. As a matter of fact, he is one of the first actors that have performed on that stage and his spirit is still connected to that scene. He doesn’t like to leave the theater until he doesn’t collect the papers from the script that was part from his first play. He is really sentimental about that script so he likes to have it that much, that he can’t make that particular leap that will take him on the other side.

Because of the whole situation, the theater has stopped working. Everyone was concerned about Lawrence’s ghost and little bit scared about that, but he doesn’t like to be like that. He likes everything to be over, to find the papers so the theater could continue its work, as it was before. Let’s help Lawrence finish his job and put an end of this unusual situation.

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