Six Rare Flowers Game

Six Rare FlowersSix Rare Flowers Game: When you dedicate your life to something you want to go the deepest place possible in that area. You would surely want to know every tiny detail about your profession, about your interest. That is to say, you never know everything, though you have spend years and years in it. What if you are a dedicated into gardening and growing flowers? You would love to have all the possible flowers that the earth gives. Sometimes some kinds of them are not easy to be found at all. But, getting them even from impossible places means having the universe. And if it was easy to achieve that, everyone would make it.

Jennifer finds out that in a small glass garden on the south of the country there have been hidden six very rare flowers. For her whole life Jennifer raises flowers and for her this is accomplishment of her dream. Her friends Sarah and Thomas come with her, they want to help her find the six very rare flowers. Now here comes your mission – you will do anything that is needed to help this girl find what she is looking for so long. Enjoy and have fun in playing Six Rare Flowers Game.

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