Royal Gifts Game

Royal GiftsRoyal Gifts. Wanda is a sailor and a treasure hunter. Maybe you won’t relate this dedication to a girl but why not?! Girls are actually able to do much more than those stereotypes say and pirates and sailors have always been girl’s professions as well. Having in mind that they are equally successful in them, same as men.

This girl is always open for a new adventure. She believes her own intuition and makes huge steps forward, sailing to different places all around the globe, following stories about different strange places and people that were on those places.

One day Wanda finds out about one small abandoned island with a destroyed ship on it. As always, those stories are just stories at first. Someone has mentioned them or they transfer from mouth to mouth and no one has the evidences that they are true. However, even though some of those stories are just stories, sometimes they are direction to something big and important. In this case supposedly, the ship hides a lot of valuable objects that were planned to be gifts for the king. So you may imagine how valuable those objects are.

The ship has never arrived at the royal harbor and after long years of unsuccessful quest, the royal authorities have decided to stop looking for the boat. Wanda is sure that this island is the place where the royal boat is. So she starts the search for the royal gifts right away, believing the she is up to something big.

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