Return of the Gnome Game

Return of the GnomeReturn of the Gnome. You definitely know those small elves that stand in front of the houses and could be found in millions of gardens around the Western world. Usually those elves are used for decoration and they make the garden look like a very happy place. In old legends, these little men were miners who lived underground. Gnomes are considered the protectors of the forest, and many humans have destroyed trees and therefore the homes of the forest’s creatures!

So this is a game about one gnome called Merwin who is on a mission to return home. Together with other gnomes from his village, Merwin emigrated several years ago because of bad weather and lack of rain that dried up the land from which they fed.

Now after so many years Merwin, as a very curious gnome, has been chosen by his friends and relatives to come and visit their village in order to see if there are conditions for them to return there. Today he arrived in the village. He is really willing to learn more about the conditions exploring every corner and taking note of every small detail. Merwin starts to find items that remind him of the time spent in his native village. Let’s become friendly with the longest serving and most knowledgeable protectors of the forest!

Return of the Gnome is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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