Missing Chronicles Game

Missing Chronicles Missing Chronicles. America, back in 1925, a time when Calvin Coolidge was its president, a republican…that was definitely long time ago! We can’t say anything about this year and this period. Since we weren’t born that time and even it is hard to find historic evidences about that time except some chronicles from famous historians. Well sir. Lagerfold was one of them – a famous chronicler that has written many chronicles about the life in the American villages during that period, around 1925.

These chronicles were very important for the American history. But the thing is that in meanwhile the greatest part of those villages are no longer there. The place is that but there is something completely new and different on that place so we could not even imagine what it was about. Another issue that makes the things complicated is that during the years sir. Lagerfold’s chronicles are also gone so some important information is ‘swollen’ by the time. Another contemporary historian takes sir.

Lagerfold’s steps in order to find those chronicles. He starts a big tour through the American villages, at least through what is left from them. Looking for the originals and he is prepared to pass miles and miles and explore every place in that region so he could find something that would be valuable for him as an scientists but also for the American and the world history. This journey may take a while but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

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