List of Lost Items Game

List of Lost ItemsList of Lost Items Game: People, when they get older, use to forget things. That’s why it is often recommended for them to solve riddles, to calculate Sudoku. Or write crosswords in order to keep them brain and mental health in a good condition. Or there is also another option, to write things down and check out the notes when they need something that seems to be lost. Help from the close ones is also welcomed because that way the life of the elders will be much easier.

Melissa, Sharon and Timothy have a very old grandmother and they love her very much. Today, they arrive at her house, with intention to help her find few lost items. Because their grandmother is very old, it happens for her very often to lose some important object. This time she has made a list of the lost objects, to make their job easier and to remember easily of everything this has lost. In grandmother’s list, there is also noted that she has lost few golden coins that have a great value. She will be very thankful if her grandchildren help her find them too. Enjoy and have fun in playing List of Lost Items Game.

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