House of Shadows Game

House of ShadowsHouse of Shadows. The birth place is something we all want to remember. That is the place where our childhood has happened. The place where we were born, raised in a family, with parents and siblings, most often. No matter if not every memory is nice. But childhood is always something that we love to go back, to think of our friends and family. And then first loves come on board, and who can forget them? Who actually wants to forget them.

Imagine you are going back to your hometown and you can’t see the place where you made the first steps in life? No one says that time won’t change things, places and people, but you go back after more that a decade and want to visit your house and you find something else. Such thing happens to the hero of today game. After whole 30 years Harold decides to go back to his birth place and to visit the house where he was born and he lived bigger part of his life. He is incredibly unpleasantly surprised by the condition of his house. His house has become a place where ghosts exist. Harold wants to renovate his birth house, but before that, he will have to release himself from the ghosts that live in it. He needs our help.

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