Gem of the Orient Game

Gem of the Orient Gem of the Orient is one of the most famous samurai sword in the Japanese history. That sword has been made of the most expensive steel engraved with hundred and fifty diamonds. Few days ago, the watchmen of the sward noticed that twenty diamonds are missing. So, they decided not to create great uproar out of this, but to create a secret strategy how to act secretly and to organize adequate investigation where all the suspects would be checked. Young girl Eiko has been chosen for this job. She is very young and one of the most capable protector of this worthy sword. Her pursuit of the diamonds has just began.

The Japanese tradition of martial skills didn’t know about the genders. Off course, men were dominating, but each woman that wanted to learn to fight, was free to choose the best teacher for the issue. So, would you be kind to help this brave girl? Put yourself into a new adventure with characters that we haven’t offered you before. Good luck!

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