Precious Watch Game

Precious Watch Precious Watch. Martha’s grandfather was a real professional, one of the oldest and best in his work. We worked as a watchmaker for so many years so he knew his job perfectly, making beautiful watches or repairing the old ones. Everyone knew about this honest man who never let anyone disappointed. In Martha’s grandfather workshop, there were so many watches of every kind and Martha when she was still very young, got a wonderful pocket watch from her grandfather. In that time she didn’t wear a clock still so she kept it safe until she is old enough. After few years, this morning Martha has decided to start wearing the watch.

She is do excited because of it since she loved her grandfather so much and she appreciated the watch as well. However, even simple things could turn out to be complicated. Once Martha tried to put the watch in her pocket, in the same moment the watch fall down and the small pieces of the watch spread all around the room. Well that wasn’t something that Martha expected so she is so confused right now. She can see some of the pieces but she can’t say if they are all pieces…

OK, since the situation is like that, it is time to start searching for the tiny pieces of the pocket watch, looking carefully into every corner of the house. They are so small that could be easily overlooked so she would need some help in searching. Let’s help the girl find the watch and keep her grandfather’s memories.

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