Eat and Enjoy Game

Eat and EnjoyEat and Enjoy. Some people have a good relationship but when it comes to working together, they lose their nerves. They are simply not compatible when it comes to work. Emma and Adam are together for many years. They love and appreciate each other very much and that’s how they managed to have a quality life together. They are together but they also think that they could be good working partners. They are always very compatible in the house, when they have some job to do and they believe that if they officially work together, that would be a real hit.

Emma and Adam decided to open a new restaurant and name it ‘Eat and Enjoy’. Actually Adam’s father used to own the exact place where they plan to open their restaurant. However, this place has been closed for a long time which means that it will take some time before they could officially open it.

Emma and Adam are so happy for starting a business together. Their idea is to make this new restaurant chic and cozy at the same time. They believe that that way they will make the place a perfect spot for their customers who are expected to feel nice and comfortable while they enjoy their favorite meals. And it would be very nice if we manage to do this faster so Emma and Adam would really appreciate if you could offer them some help. So, let’s work together and help those amazing people fulfill their dreams and make this restaurant as good as possible.

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