Dark and Dangerous Game

Dark and DangerousDark and Dangerous Game: When choosing a new place for living, we are always concerned about many issues. Before moving into the new place, we always consider the circumstances that could influence on our life. Measuring what is good or right and what is acceptable what not. However, even if we like everything to be perfect, there is always something that will bother us and we like to choose the place that won’t have so many things to worry about.

Donald wasn’t worrying that much when he has chosen his new home. He thought that he could manage everything to be just perfect, without taking care of what people say. That’s how he decided to become an owner of one of the scariest houses in the town! He bought this house for a very low price and to be honest, it was like that because no one else wanted to buy it. People who live in this neighborhood believe that there are some paranormal activities happening in the house! The new owner enters the house for the first time, together with his friends. They like to explore it in order to check out if this house is really haunted or not. Enjoy and have fun in playing Dark and Dangerous Game.

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