Crystal City Game

Crystal CityCrystal City. Through this amazing game series, known as magical relics, we are directing you to take part in this great adventure. Maybe you have been playing the other parts of the game before, so you know what is it about in general, but same if you haven’t done that before – the new part will make you enter into the story easily and enjoy it to the maximum.

So, as we said, this game is sequel from the game Magic Relics where our main character is again Herm. This time Herm is in a new mission. He arrives in the Crystal City, the place that is occupied at the moment by the dark forces of Gambrion, the bad prince from the kingdom of Herawen. The Crystal City is very important place for the survival of the people of Herm because it is the main resource for living for those people. It is the main source of resources – the found crystals that people from Herm sell in order to earn stuff for survival.

Because the Crystal City is occupied by the bad Gambrion, Herm is at the moment the most suitable person that could help in the situation. He has a task to sneak into the city and find as many as possible. When he finds enough of them, he would have to sell those crystals and provide food for his people. This would be a quite hard job to do but on the other hand it is very important and thankful job because the whole place depends of Herm’s acts. Let’s help him finish his job successfully and save his people.

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