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Cover of NightCover of Night. Falling in love is interesting; this is where we all agree. No matter if it’s true love or just some feeling that will go away soon, the love makes us feel special. That’s why there are so many stories about love, so many songs and movies, because one love could not be repeated, each one of them is special and unique; it could happen to anyone, anytime… However, there are also some forbidden loves. We fall in love in someone who is already taken, in someone that lives miles away from us and simply there are no chances that love to survive, sometimes even the religion could be a problem, the social status and so many other factors.

Sometimes when two young people fall in love, the parents could stand between them, considering that the person chosen by their son or daughter is not the right person. Usually those loves are followed by numerous secrets and hiding and the young ones never leave the situation just like that, but they fight for their love as long as they can. Sometimes they realize that their parent was wrong but sometimes the love has a happy end, no matter what the parents think.

Nicole fell in love with Anthony, but her reputable family thinks that Anthony isn’t good for their daughter. This is one of those tricky situations. However the lovers won’t quit their love just like that, they believe in their love and they are willing to do everything they can to be together. Nicole and Anthony have decided to communicate with secret messages and arrange meetings after sunset under the cover of the night. Both of them are smart enough so they make their massages really hidden so no one except them could guess what is hiding behind those massages.

Cover of Night is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.