Camping Adventure

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Camping AdventureCamping Adventure. A madrigal is a secular vocal music composition, as a rule a part-song, coming from the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. By tradition, polyphonic madrigals are without companion while the number of voices goes from two to eight, and most often from three to six. These information are just to know the origin of the name of this great camp that we will visit in the following game, having fun with Henry and his friends. Unlike his friends, Henry is in the camp for a first time and he is sees everything around him amazing.

Each side he turns, he sees something new and something interesting to explore and that’s why he leaves his friends right away, in order to see what this place hiding is. He goes alone, but he doesn’t care since his friends know every corner of Madrigal camp while for him these surroundings are something completely new. Another thing about Henry, he enjoys photography very much, he likes to catch the breath of everything in his photos and this camp is definitely a new challenge for him because it offers so much, this nature so unique that will make the pictures amazing.

During his walk Henry takes numerous pictures , making stops each time he sees something interesting and since views like that can be seen on every step, this walk will definitely be a long walk through the Madrigal camp. Let’s follow Henry in his camping adventure and see by own what is this incredible place hiding.