Big City Dreams Game

Big City Dreams Big City Dreams. Moving into a big city is usually related to numerous dreams. Many people move there to find a better job, better living, more money. Seems like it is the place where dreams come true. Since there are so few examples of people that stayed in the small home town and became models, writers, actors, super starts or anything. Usually the story about successes starts with a young person moving out from his small city and the comfort of his living. And moving into a smaller apartment with no money at all, struggling any way possible to fulfill his dreams. That’s what actually happened 20 years ago with the character of our game.

‘Big City Dreams’ is actually a story retold by on writer. 20 years ago, when he was very young and without any experience, he moved into the bid city, full with incredible dreams. His biggest wish was to become a writer. He had been writing for a longer time. But in his hometown there wasn’t any chance to become something bigger. So he decided to leave everything and move into the city. He started working on his book and his aim was to finish the book as good as he can and to become a real bestseller.

That would mean going out from the anonymity and entering into the serious world of the writers… Get to the end of the game and check out if this man has fulfilled his dream.

Big City Dreams is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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