Mystic Dream Game

Mystic Dream Mystic Dream Game: We all have troubles sometimes to fall asleep. Something is bothering us, makes us nervous, anxious and all of that influences on us. And we need to do something about it. Imagine you go for a sleep and all you get in your dream are bad thoughts and moments? When you think you are going to get rest from everything that happens to you everyday and go to bad and rest a beat, and you get only trouble.

In such situation we find the main character of Mystic Dream Game for today. Martha can’t wake up from the worst nightmare of her life and she doesn’t know what to do with it. Martha is in the middle of a nightmare from which she can’t wake up. In her dream the scary Megan appears. She promises that she will wake her up from the bad dream if she answers her on every riddle she is going go receive. Now it’s up to you to help this lady wake up again and live her life as previously. Now give your best to wake this lady from this creepy dream and make her happy again. So enjoy and have fun in playing Mystic Dream Game.

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