Forest of Dreams Game

Forest of Dreams Forest of Dreams Game: Almost every story no matter from which people or country comes has good and bad personalities. The basic for the story plot is to have conflict between characters, so that the story will develop, will get culmination and at the end, conclusion. The good must fight the evil and the good must always prevail. No matter how tough it is, that motivates those believers in the goodness to fight to last powers. Sometimes that fight is verbal, sometimes with weapons, depending on the needs of the story.

Such fight we find for today’ game. A little bit mystery in our life, won’t hurt the day. We believe that you are one of the good guys and that you would do anything to help the good prevail today. Sorceresses Ordea and Nora and the sorcerer Ozlin have arrived in the magical forest of the dreams. Their task for today is to find the objects that give hard dreams to people, because evil witch Enora wants to leave people sleepless so she can reign easily with them. It is about time to stop the evil witch to continue her mission. You can play Forest of Dreams game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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