Bentino’s Pizza Game

Bentino's PizzaBentino’s Pizza. Here is another interesting cooking game that will test your reflexes a bit. Let’s see how fast you are and are you prepared to serve so many costumers. It is about a pizzeria named ‘Bentino’s pizza’. Tina and Adam are sister and brother that are opening this pizzeria today.

Actually Bentino was Tina and Adam’s grandfather who opened this pizzeria 50 years ago. His pizzeria was famous all around because there was the best pizza in that part of the town. Tina and Adam have decided to re-open the grandfather’s pizzeria, but to keep the old traditional recipe. This place is known exactly for that recipe so there isn’t a reason why should they change something when it’s that good and famous as this Bentino’s pizza.

Today is the great day, the grand opening of the pizzeria. It was expect that the opening would be visited by a lot of people but this number has passed all expectations! There are people coming from all sides of the town, so Tina and Adam could definitely need some help. All those people should be served on time, so the place could keep its reputation and attract even more people to come there. Your task will be to serve all customers as fast as you can and help Tina and Adam leave a good impression on everyone. The pizza is still the best, but let’s provide a best service too.

Play Bentino’s Pizza Game