Wicked Lies Game

Wicked LiesWicked Lies. The excitement of a resolved difficult case is the dream of every detective. They work hard on finding the criminals, the murderers as soon as possible. And, only the best detectives can achieve that. That’s why some of them become honored citizens of their society. And only the most skilled and intelligent detectives can solve difficult cases. When it comes to murders one must have a strong ‘nose’ to recognize the type of a criminal the detective is dealing with.

Christine and Benjamin are successful detectives. Together with their team of forensic scientists and assistants come to the house of the rich businessman Tyler. A murder has happened this morning. His wive’s sister was found dead in the guest room. The police is in the house and the investigation is about to begin. Is it possible that the murder is connected to the rich man? When you are rich, that means you have a lot of enemies. But, what was the connection between Tyler and his sister in law. So today you are precious player you get the occasion to be the best detective around. Enjoy the role!

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