Trapped in Fearland Game

Trapped in FearlandTrapped in Fearland. Even best professionals sometimes need help. Sometimes we feel weak and we call for our friends, because friends should actually be here when we need them. That is one of the main points when we talk about friendship. In good and bad, that’s it. We don’t need people around only when we feel good and we want to cheer, to go for a drink and celebrate something. But, best friends are seen than, a friend in need is a friend in deed, they don’t say that in vain.

Policewoman Helen accepts an anonymous call for interruption of the public order in a small suburb. She arrives at the place and finds out that this is a trap and that she is being stuck on a property occupied by ghosts. She calls for help for her colleagues Jacob and Ruth so they can help her runaway from this fear land. It is not the first case like this for Jacob and Ruth and they are willing to help Helen. This game proves that there are very few things we can actually do on our own and that we should take the hand when it is given to us. And in this case, we are talking about life and death. You will help detective Helen, would you?

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