The Unsolved Mystery Game

The Unsolved MysteryThe Unsolved Mystery Game: It is always hard when it comes to missing persons. There are so many aspects that should be taken into mind when trying to solve a case like this, not to mention the situation of the friends and the relatives of the person that is missing. The police see many aspects while they suspect even more. What if he’s with that friend, or a completely different friend, what if he’s kidnapped and captured, or maybe he’s no longer alive, what if we never find him or find out what happened to him? The head hurts from the many open options, for which there is no answer.

Mark is looking for his missing friend for a few years already. It is about his best friend Ronald. Ronald is missing for a few years, so the police closed the case and recorded it as an unsolved mystery. However, Mark doesn’t like to settle down until he finds out the truth. After a long investigation, the evidence has taken him to the house of Ronald’s grandfather. He believes that this will be the last obstacle and he will finally solve the mystery of his friend’s disappearance. You can play The Unsolved Mystery game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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