The Quiet Game Game

The Quiet GameThe Quiet Game: Detectives probably have the most unpredictable profession. No one could guess what will be their next case and what to expect when they show up at work. While in some other professions the same routine is repeated again and again. Detectives deal everyday with different persons, with different profiles of criminals and completely different cases.

That means visiting different locations, meeting different people, collecting different evidences. Cynthia and Mark are two people who like to ‘play this game’. No, they are not criminals but private detectives that work on a new case now. This case even though may not seem that serious as some complicated cases with murders or huge robberies, it is also an important case that deserves a lot of attention. Cynthia and Mark are prepared to start this case right away!

Namely, Bernard needed to be taken to the hospital because of a blood poisoning. The examinations are still ongoing but the investigation has to start as soon as possible. The case is rather suspicious and that’s why Cynthia and Mark are in Bernard’s house, with an aim to find the evidences and the right reason for the state of Mister Bernard. They will examine the whole place and look for some evidences that will help them find out who is responsible for this case. You can play The Quiet Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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