The New Detective Game

The New DetectiveThe New Detective. Having the chance to work in the field of law and fighting the criminal is provocative job, isn’t it? One has to be seriously dedicated and very moral person not to fall for bribes, money, loans or let’s say, the easier way of getting things. How many especially Hollywood movies have you watched about that. When policemen and officers are in the middle of a big deal with smuggling things, drugs, cigarettes and all other forbidden and expensive goods.

At the end of those movies, usually it all finishes with discovering the bad guys, very often not hidden by other colleagues. In today game we are opening this topics. There are few officers who have become the bad guys and the law is calling! Officer Mike was just promoted to detective rank. Two other senior officers, Karen and Joshua, are helping him at his first investigation.

Their job is to follow suspected bribed police officers in the New Port city police department, downtown precinct. This officers are been suspected to have ties with the Newport mob. It is perfect day to be detective, isn’t it?

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