Private Truths Public Lies Game

Private Truths Public LiesPrivate Truths Public Lies Game: The journalism as a profession should inform us about the news and the most important things that happen all around the globe. However, we all know that many times the truth could be spinned in order to gain bigger popularity. Or to hide certain truth that could harm someone’s integrity. And that’s the part when bribe appears or some journalists are simply blackmailed by some powerful and important person. So they can’t do anything else except to fake the truth.

Jack is a private detective that is looking for the secret diary that belonged to the owner of one of the most famous publishing houses in the state. This man was widely known for his articles that were very popular in public. However, he, in his diary, has written all the truths behind the articles he has written. Or more precisely, he reveals the great truth that many persons have forced him to lie the publicity with false articles. Making people to believe that those lies were actually truth. And there are numerous stories behind these articles but the owner of the publishing house could have a terrible destiny for making them. Even go to a prison and stay there for long.

However, the owner of the publishing house might go to a prison because of writing those lies. But his wife knows about the articles. That’s why she hires Jack to find the diary and save her husband from prison. You can play Private Truths Public Lies game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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