Phantom of the Neighborhood Game

Phantom of the Neighborhood Phantom of the Neighborhood. You have probably already heard about phantoms, in some story or a movie. It is about the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that has the power to show up in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Mmm, your blood froze, right? And yes, it is quite scary for sure and that is something that appears and scares the inhabitants of one small suburb in the east entrance to the metropolis every day.

They are quite upset about this phantom that seems to like to disturb them and scare them a lot since it comes on their way almost every night. This creature seems to scare most the women that are coming back from work late in the night and they simply can’t stand living in terrible fear any long. The case is reported to the police and they are making some strategies how could they catch the phantom or discover its identity, in case that it’s not about an actual ghost.

Detective Mark is in charge for this case and since he is very ambitious and prepared to do anything for his job, he is quite sure that he will manage to catch the phantom that spreads fear in this usually quiet neighborhood. Perhaps you are willing to take part in this case as well by helping detective Mark. This would be a very intense case but it would be a great pleasure to work with Mark since he is a really big professional and there is much you can learn from him. Let’s start!

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