Mission Incognito Game

Mission IncognitoMission Incognito Game: The detectives’ job could be very complicated and hard but also very challenging. No one knows who is responsible for a certain case at the beginning. Which means that sometimes even people from their surroundings could be the actual suspects for a certain case which is rather sensitive situation.

In Mission Incognito Game: Tracy, Gerald and Brandon are three detectives that have started being suspicious in few of their colleagues. Namely, they suspect that those colleagues take important information and proofs out of the office, illegally. They decide that it is best to start an investigation about this case on their own. Before they inform their boss about the whole situation. The reason for that is that they don’t like to accuse someone for anything before they are sure that he or they are the real suspects or culprits.

The three detectives have decided that no one should know about this and they have arranged you to help them. As someone that could be rather objective in the whole procedure. You will work as their assistant and look for the needed objects and proofs that will help them find the culprits for the stolen information and proofs. If everything goes right, the suspect will be taken to the police. So they could continue the investigation and do the next necessary steps like arresting them and putting them into prison. But before that, we have a lot of job that needs to be done. So let’s stop wasting our time and start investigating right away. You can play Mission Incognito game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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