Masterpiece Forger Game

Masterpiece ForgerMasterpiece Forger. There is something in humans’ blood that makes them achieve things by frauds, by lies, by not being sincere person. They achieve that, no matter if for someone else that doesn’t feel right. That is criminal. If one is lucky, he-she won’t get caught, if he-she has less luck, will have to feel the consequences on their skin. And the greatest frauds are where there are great interests and money. Big art falsifiers are the biggest problem in the world of art and on the art market. They give terrible headaches to competent and art dealers and art collectors. Unluckily, they can be so good that even the greatest experts in this field can easily be pulled by ones leg.

Alan is detective specialized in the field of thefts and frauds with art-pieces. He is about to discover the greatest falsifier of art works in the world. Alan has arrived in his studio and the research for evidence can begin.

Alan is dedicated to this field for many years. He has being doing this expertise after he worked in a famous art gallery and learned from the best art dealers. His eye was very bright and crafty and could recognize good from bad piece of art and even better – fake art with real one.

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