Mafia Insider Game

Mafia InsiderMafia Insider Game: Detective’s job is always interesting. It might be hard sometimes and demanding but it is one of those jobs that are never boring. There are numerous criminals, numerous criminal minds so each one of them acts uniquely. Justin is a detective on an undercover mission. This might be one of the most interesting tasks but at the same time it is something very dangerous. He has to infiltrate in the local mafia and to gain trust between the main people in the mafia. It seems that he does that really successfully but now it is time to end the connection with those people and arrest them, since he has managed to collect enough evidences to put them behind the bars.

However, there are still few strong evidences that he needs, so he could arrest the bosses of the mafia. They are convicted for corruption and racketeering. Justin has to find the suspicious document where there are signed illegal documents for racketeering and lists of names and amounts of money. In those documents could be found who has suborned money and how much money for making certain illegal job. Let’s see what is going on and what can be done to speed up the happenings and solve this case once for all. Justin knows his job well but he could use some help so he could finish everything properly. Let’s search together for those evidences and help the mafia insider arrest those people. You can play Mafia Insider game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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