Hidden Proof Game

Hidden ProofHidden Proof. Ashley is a journalist in one of the most famous newspapers in the country. She likes her job very much and she does it with great passion. Always engaging herself as much as she can. For a longer period of time, Ashley has been working on a very serious case. She has been investigating a case that involves selling the biggest oil company in the country. According to the evidences found by Eshley, it is about an illegal selling. She is rather sure about that but still she misses the main evidence. It is about the recording of the surveillance cameras that hide the big truth.

On this recording can be seen that the persons involved in the selling of the company are threatening to the owner of the company to sell them the company for some ridiculous price. If Ashley manages to prove this, she will reveal a huge affair. Since this situation is rather serious and difficult, Ashley will need some help to get to those final evidences that will prove her claims. That’s why it would be very nice if we could help her finish the case and reveal the truth about the selling of the biggest oil company in the country.

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