Family Crime Game

Family CrimeFamily Crime. Glenda and Joshua are two young police officers. They are rather young but they like to have a long and successful career so they always do their best in the work, being dedicated 100%. They regularly patrol through the city where they work, making sure everything is in a perfect order and everyone is completely safe.

While they are on their shift, Glenda and Joshua receive a call from their boss. He explained them that there has been a new crime committed in the city, which means a new criminal case. To be precise, someone has broken into the local pizzeria. Besides the pizzeria, someone has also broken into the apartment of the owner of the pizzeria. Glenda and Joshua like to solve this case so they start taking into account everything related to the case. According to the situation and the facts about it, the police officers suspect that it is about a certain family fight that has lead to this. However, this is just the starting point, so next they will start exploring the evidences that are left behind. They will work hard as always and we are sure that they will manage to catch the criminals.

Since team work is always best, Glenda and Joshua will start the investigation together with their colleges. That means that this is a perfect opportunity for you, to take part in the investigation. That way you will take a closer look to the police job and help catching the culprit.

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