Danger Society Game

Danger SocietyDanger Society. When you are detective it seems very normal to have a lot of doubts and suspicions in everything and everyone around. It is simply the profession itself, it looks for a personality that will think all the time, catch even the slightest details that will help in one investigation.

Such detectives we find in today game. David and Barbara are detectives who come on the abandoned fun park wanting to explore the case of heavily hurt boy who fell from big height exactly here in this park. For a while David and Barbara are following a group of young people whose love are extreme sports and they are real adrenalin addicts.

Detectives are in doubt that maybe the boy’s fall is not an accident case and that it is possible that someone might have pushed him on purpose wanting to kill him. It is time do find out why would someone have such a need to hurt a good boy. Maybe it is some antagonism, maybe it is some jealousy or simple intolerance. You are here to help David and Barbara. We are sure you would like to help these intelligent guys.

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