Crooked Pursuit Game

Crooked PursuitCrooked Pursuit Game: The two detectives, Paul and Venessa, have solved numerous cases in their long careers. They caught all kinds of criminals, and some of the cases they solved were very complicated, we have to admit. This time Paul and Venessa are dealing with smugglers, smugglers that deal with coins that are very valuable and have a very high price at the market. A notorious gang of thieves has been on the run after stealing one of those valuable collections of coins. The detectives, Paul and Venessa, have been on their trail ever since, but they could never really catch them.

This investigation lasts for a long time, but it seems that it is about a crooked pursuit. Tonight, Paul and Venessa received information that the gang is hiding in an abandoned gas station. This place has to be searched all over. So they could find something that will put them on the right track. Any piece of evidence is worth in the search for the ones who are responsible for stealing the coins. With help of the police officer Jeremy, it’s up to them to find the thieves. You can play Crooked Pursuit Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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