Closed Files Game

Closed FilesClosed Files Game: ‘When there is power, there is no justice’ – someone once said. And if we think a bit, this quote might be true because the ones that have power are the ones that set the rules, and the rules are not always perfect… The massive corporations are a basic example of huge power and that might come consequently. But sometimes this power is used for making obscure things. And it is even worse when police officers are included in this process, police officers who take bribe instead of providing the justice.

George and Emily are private detectives that are investigating cases that has been closed by the police. But closed by suspicious circumstances. Namely, the case is about a massive corporation that is involved in multiple schemes, bribing police officers in its path to fortune. And yes, some of the officers were imprudent enough, to take advantage from this situation. And to strive for personal material interests, instead of catching the criminals. It’s time for the detectives to infiltrate into some of their offices and search for clues. You can play Closed Files game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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